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You play World of Warcraft? You're NOT hired!

You play World of Warcraft? You’re hired! is a pretty famous piece explaining how having WoW on the CV helped one applicant land the job of his dreams. I’ve quoted this in some of my own presentations in the past – but always with a pinch of salt, noting that the article does point out that the applicant had other reasons for landing the plum role.

Now reports just in (from f13.net forums, via Raph Koster’s blog) of recruiters being told to AVOID applicants that mention WoW on their CV’s:

…employers specifically instruct him not to send them World of Warcraft players. He said there is a belief that WoW players cannot give 100% because their focus is elsewhere, their sleeping patterns are often not great, etc. …  He has been specifically asked to avoid WoW players.