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Remember the orange Tango man?

Anyone remember the orange Tango man adverts? The ones which had to be re-shot so that the Tango drinker didn’t get slapped at the end – so as to bring an end to playground imitations which had apparently caused many a burst eardrum. You could read about it here, or just watch it below.

Anyway, having establised that to some extent media can influence behaviour, Gamasutra reports on Craig A. Anderson’s latest study into games and violence, here. You can get the whole paper here. The conclusions?

These longitudinal results confirm earlier experimental and cross­sectional studies that had suggested that playing violent video games is a significant risk factor for later physically aggressive behavior, and that this violent video game effect on youth generalizes across very
different cultures. As a whole, the research strongly suggests reducing the exposure of youths to this risk factor.

Naturally, there are already dissenting voices identifying weaknesses in the study as related on GamePolitics, in a post which has the most amazing and often random comments thread I’ve seen in a while.