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Vacancy: Lecturer in Intelligent Systems at UWS

There is a current vacancy in Intelligent Systems at the University of the West of Scotland – the application deadline is the coming Friday, 25th October 2013.

More details can be found here.

Some points to note: An interest in games is desirable. The university runs a Skillset and BCS accredited course ‘Computer Games Technology’ which focuses on the programming side of game development – with four years of C++, maths and physics all being key parts of the degree programme. While teaching onto the CGT course is not necessarily part of the post, the course does include a Game AI class, so getting an appointee with an interest in games would definitely be positive from the viewpoint of the CGT course. CGT is also a member of the PlayStation First scheme, which means that we have access to PlayStation hardware and developer networks.

While the job title is ‘lecturer’, as per most modern academic appointments research record will likely be an important deciding factor. For those used to the North American system, the title ‘Lecturer’ in the UK is roughly the equivalent of an Assistant Professor.