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The UK Borders Agency’s War on Universities

Today’s news that the UK Borders Agency (UKBA) has suspended London Metropolitan University’s ‘Highly Trusted Status’ (also reported here) has caused more than a few shockwaves – with potentially quite tragic outcomes for a number of overseas students who have already spent over two years and invested tens of thousands of pounds in a British education that is likely to now be denied to them.

Around 2,000 students currently studying at the university now have 60 days to find another university that will accept them – or they will be deported, with no certificate or qualification to show for the time and money they have spent here. This is clearly an extreme response by the UKBA to what appears to be very poor record keeping on the part of LMU, but not totally unexpected – it is merely the latest escalation of the UKBA’s developing war on universities – a war that seeks to ‘improve’ the UK immigration figures without regard to possible cost to the British economy. A war that picks the easiest targets – not necessarily the best ones.

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