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Upgrade: Technology-Enhanced Learning

The new issue of UPGRADE is now online, a special issue on Technology-Enhanced Learning. Quite a few interesting papers, two on game-technology for learning which I mention here.

Pablo Moreno-Ger and co-authors consider “Game-Based Learning in e-Learning Environments”, and present <e-Adventure>, an authoring system for educational graphic adventure games. The games created using <e-Adventure> can ten be integrated into standard web-based Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) using the IMS Learning Design standard.

Another paper considers a different approach to integrating VLEs and game-based technologies… its a paper on Sloodle, by Jeremy Kemp and myself. (And there is another paper discussing an implementation of Moodle to support 30,000 plus users, of interest to Moodler’s out there…)

All papers are also available in Spanish in the print edition of Novatica – and will hopefully be available online soon.

Links for today – VLE vs PLE

Today there was a flurry of emails on the ALT mailing list about VLE’s (Virtual Learning Environments, or LMS or CMS as they are more commonly known Stateside). A number of posters were quite ‘anti’ VLE – looking forward to replacing institutional VLEs with an assortment of Web 2.0 technologies which students pick and choose for their own ‘Personal Learning Environment’ or PLE. (OK that may be a simplification!). These were followed by a few posts which managed to provide a good brief defense of VLE’s, and noting that it is possible to use both.

I sadly don’t have time to comment on this just now – briefly, as with the later posters, I quite strongly believe that VLEs do add value, but just because an institution uses one doesn’t mean that students can’t use other tools as well – but here are some useful links. First a few on PLEs, to try to come to terms with what it’s all about:

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