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Information Literacy events in Second Life

From the JISC virtual worlds list… news on an interesting series of free talks in Second Life – including some more directly related to this blog than others (e.g. childrens’ use of Club Penguin). See below for details. There are so many great – and free – talks that happen in Second Life, wish I managed to make it to more of them!

There is a full programme of events planned on the Second Life (SL, the virtual world) island Infolit iSchool this autumn, with sessions led by librarians from the US and UK, and an Education professor.

The autumn series starts Thursday 2nd October, 8am SL time (which is 4pm UK time) “Building information literacy” part one.

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The Difference Between Information and Knowledge

Caught this short audio clip on BBC news (no idea how long it will remain available), of Tara Brabazon discussing, with Oliver Rickman of Google, the sometimes negative impact web-search has on scholarship and learning. Both seem to agree more than disagree that what is needed is education in information literacy to help students use appropriate sources and tools.

I’m guessing the interview was set up on the back of Tara’s new book – ‘The university of Google‘.