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Newtoon update

Newtoon update… (last mentioned here)

A video has been added to the page at Futurelab, so you can see Newtoon being used/played by students – and being discussed by the developers. I have to say that I’d still be more tempted to use Phun based on what can be seen here. Phun looks far more powerful, and based on open-ended play. Newtoon somewhat simpler, but can run on (some) phones and based around using the physics to create ‘micro-games’.

But you can download both if you want to compare – Newtoon from here.

(I wonder why Futurelab don’t also post their videos on YouTube… would allow me to embed it here at least!)

Newtoon: Learn Physics Making Games

Yet another exciting looking project from Futurelab – Newtoon:

Newtoon is a mobile phone and web activity which aims to embed physics learning in mobile game creation and play. It enables young people to create microgames via a web interface on a PC in a 2D world consisting of balls and springs. The games can be trialled and edited on the PC, and various physics principles regulating the movement of objects can be manipulated via the interface.

More here. The full report looks like a worthwhile read – with some very strong apparent outcomes. A very limited discussion below.

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Supporting and Developing 21st Century Skills – Futurelab

 Got an email today from Futurelab…

A new report published by Futurelab, commissioned by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, seeks to address the challenge of finding ways of understanding, valuing and supporting initiatives that develop the skills and competencies young people need to survive and flourish in today’s society, in ways which both acknowledge their diversity and which enable children, parents, teachers, policy makers and others to develop a shared language for talking about and developing ’21st century skills’.

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