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Desktop conferencing for Moodle with DimDim

Today I gave a presentation ‘at’ Discover-e 08, an online conference organised by the JISC West-Midland Regional Support Center. The presentation was given via DimDim, one of a host of available desktop conferencing software options – but what makes DimDim of particular interest is that an OpenSource version is available. With this you can host your own DimDim server, and even integrate it into Moodle.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to use DimDim on their servers with support for larger numbers of users and some additional features. Voice and video worked well – albeit only a small number of users can have their voice active at a time. Nice clean ‘gmail’-like interface as well.

This was my first proper experience of presenting via desktop conferencing – and it went fairly well, though I was left wishing I’d put in less information and more opportunities for interaction…