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Scratch 2 and Snap/BYOB 4

Scratch 2 is now in beta, here.

Great timing, as just after a whole load of teacher resources for Scratch get published (CAS RPi manual, and RSE packs), Scratch 2.0 gets announced with a range of very useful additions to the language. More on this – and another version of Scratch with procedures – below.

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Computing Science for Schools

My own modest OER contribution (see previous post) pales into insignificance next to a fantasic set of materials from Jeremy Scott, developed with the support of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the BCS, and a very useful resource (which would make an excellent partner) from Computing At Schools – both aimed at teaching (and supporting teachers) computing for middle/high-school students.

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Game Blocks – Scratch based game & narrative development tool

The introductory programming environment Scratch has rightly become quite popular globally as a fun way to introduce children to programming concepts and software development. BYOB is a UC Berkeley derivative that adds the ability to create reusable ‘blocks’ (functions), a feature missing in Scratch.
Now building on top of that, Sheldon Pacotti has released Game Blocks, a tool intended to support a class in writing and narrative design for games.

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