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Digital Natives vs. the Net Generation

Blended Learning 2007 (Part 2)

And now, belatedly, time to write up my reflections from Blended Learning all those weeks ago… knowing I’ve got a paper and a half to write today as well.

The subtitle of the conference was ‘Supporting the Net Generation Learner’, which I’ll admit did leave me a little worried that the general message I would hear would be a simple re-iteration of all the usual Digital Natives tropes and clichés. Instead, through the different talks, presentations and lunch and break-time discussions the message was quite different. The Net Generation needs our help.

In this post I’ll try and set out some of the differences between the concepts of ‘Digital Natives’ and ‘Net Generation’, and why they matter.

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Blended Learning part 1.5.5…

Still not the next ‘proper’ post… but just to say that I’ve uploaded my slides from last weeks conference onto Slideshare, here.

You can also see my presentation as recorded in Elluminate here… my presentation starts about an hour in. With the mic on the desk rather than being worn, the audio is a bit patchy. I was not bowled over by the quality of Elluminate play back – or its access speed – so interested to hear any second opinions.

Also of interest… the introduction and keynote session.

Blended Learning Part 1.5

Just a quick one here…

Was reading Bill Thompson’s blog on the BBC here. Discussing social networking sites he mentions:

About a year ago I asked my daughter, who was 15 at the time, if she would “ADD” me as a friend on MySpace so I could comment on her profile and be part of her online social network.

She refused point blank.

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Blended Learning 2007 (part 1)

Last week I attended the Blended Learning conference at the University of Hertfordshire. Since then I’ve been missing and AFK (visiting family), and then a bit under the weather. So here is the much belated part 1 of the post conference thoughts and reflections… just an overview of the day itself.

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