Computing Systems

I have deposited a set of materials for teaching an introductory level HE course on Computing Systems to Jorum.

This short course in computing systems was developed as part of a general first year course introducing computing to a wide range of students on computing, media, business, IT and related courses. The course was intended to provide a broad overview with reference to further reading where appropriate to provide additional depth.


  1. What is  a computer?
  2. Computer Hardware.
  3. Binary.
  4. Compilers and Interpreters.
  5. Memory and Storage.
  6. Networks.
  7. Multimedia.
  8. Input/Output & 3D.
  9. The Operating System.
  10. The CPU.
  11. Micromen and Women.
  12. Future Computing.

As the files are stored in a Google Drive folder (here), I am able to continue to update and extend the materials even though it has been submitted to Jorum. The next document to add is a set of teacher’s notes. I also welcome comments and suggestions for improvements.

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