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Scottish Learning Festival 2008

Only made it to the last afternoon of the Scottish Learning Festival due to teaching and other work commitments. Made it to one presentation on using a computer game to help children develop a winning mentality – and a set of psychological skills which can help lead to success. I also bumped into Derek Robertson who revealed that the first results from LTS’ 32 school trial of Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training (16 test, 16 control) have been released – and having had a look at the results they are very encouraging indeed.

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Roll up! Roll up! It's the Carnival of Math!

The Carnival of Math is a blog-hopping festival of math-related posts, with something for just about everyone. Its 18th outing launched last week, with a really amazing range of links. Whether its junior school, high school, college, recent research or even a recreational interest in maths and puzzles, there will be something there for you.

Meanwhile, just a few minutes ago I came across this strange (and very timely) omission in Word’s spell checker:

Numeracy and Literacy

What I really don’t get is how can Word’s spell-checker accept ‘innumeracy’ yet not ‘numeracy’?