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What is Connectivism trying to be?

After a little reflection, and reading a little more from the forums/blogs etc., I thought I’d ask what Connectivism is trying to be rather than the more obvious ‘What is Connectivism’ – but there is a reason for this, and I think it might help me get to heart of my issues with Connectivism. Apologies for any incoherent rambling below…

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CCK09 begins

Steven Downes and George Siemens’ online course ‘Connectivism and Connective Knowledge’ has started its 2009 run. The introductory video is online here. Week 1 readings here.

Although it has only just started, I already have doubts about whether I’ll be able to keep involved with this over the semester – I’ve had to take on a new course (that I’m teaching) at very short notice, I have some work travel, and a bunch of extra deadlines already looming.

My position going into the course is that I have some issues with Connectivism – though I doubt I’ll make it through all this week’s reading list. I did review Stephen Downes description of Connectivism, where he also responds to some comments and critique from Tony Forster and Bill Kerr.

My initial thoughts below…

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