Communicating with the Net Generation

Perspectives on Communicating with the Net Generation by Zimmerman and Milligan, new paper in Innovate, the Journal of Online Learning. Accurate picture, I think, of typical and common issues in student/tutor communication. IMHO Falls down, however, in its uncritical acceptance of the broad collection of ‘digital native’ concepts, without appropriate critique. Free journal but you […]

Digital Natives vs. the Net Generation

Blended Learning 2007 (Part 2) And now, belatedly, time to write up my reflections from Blended Learning all those weeks ago… knowing I’ve got a paper and a half to write today as well. The subtitle of the conference was ‘Supporting the Net Generation Learner’, which I’ll admit did leave me a little worried that […]

Digital Natives/Immigrants Divide Not Supported By Evidence

Thanks to Stephen Downes at OLDaily for this. First up, the story links to the ‘Net Gen Skeptic‘ blog – how could I have not know about this blog? In turn, Net Gen Skeptic summarises a new report from the University of Melbourne, on a project which has been investigating how commencing first year students […]

The ____ Generation

For a moment lets not wonder whether digital native is an appropriate term for today’s youth (or even today’s under 36′s if we go by the cut-off originally proposed by Prensky). Instead, whatever they are, can we find an alternative suitable name for the new generation of youth? Take your pick, the following are all […]

Tech Savvy?

Via Tim’s Blog de Blog… Barbara Combes has written an article based on her research outlining how comfort with technology does not imply competency. Her PhD focussed on information seeking behaviours of the ‘Net Generation’, and her findings are well aligned with many of the past discussions and notes on this blog about Digital Natives… […]