Framework for Games and Sims in STEM assessments

Prof. Geoffrey Crisp at RMIT Australia has been hosting the regular online seminars in Transforming Assessment for a few years now. An interesting one is coming up in July when Gary Wills (Southampton) will be presenting¬†“Towards a framework for games and simulations in STEM subject assessments”.

This webinar explores a proposed framework designed to support the ‘routine’ development of effective games and simulations for assessment in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects. Currently, providing games and simulations to address specific educational objectives in STEM subjects is a craft activity, requiring custom-built applications and hence making difficult-to-share and difficult-to-reuse solutions. To address this we propose a framework for the creation of Pedagogically Effective Games & Simulations (PEGS). The framework supports the construction and machine-processable expression of an educational intention which can be turned into a computer-deliverable serious game, simulation, or adaptive formative assessment with an element of pedagogical validity.

More details and sign up here.

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