OpenSimulator Community Conference

The first OpenSimulator Community Conference will be online on September 7th and 8th this year. This is a big step forward for the now quite widely used but still officially ‘alpha’ status virtual world. Having had a few student projects active in the OpenSim based Jokaydia Grid this year, I’ll hopefully be able to submit something of interest to the proceedings.

As noted many times already, the hype around virtual worlds has all but disappeared but events like this help to communicate just how much work is actually still ongoing, just a lot less visibly than before.

The call for speaker proposals is open until the 1st of July, and registration opens on the 17th of June. More details here.

I got a bit lost on the site, it turns out each stream has its own page for online submissions. These can be found here:

Proposals are quite different depending upon the category – for Education, a web form is used for submitting a few paragraphs describing the presentation, for research a publication style paper has to be uploaded and will be subject to a traditional peer review.

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