More Conferences and Calls

Some more conferences and calls with relevance to Game Based Learning, Virtual Worlds, and Game Development.

If you didn’t catch them already, see the previous two posts for information on the OpenSimulator Community Conference and the Immersive Education European Summit.

ACE 2013 (Advances in Computer Entertainment) has a deadline just a couple of weeks away, and will take place November 13th-15th at University of Twente in the Netherlands. This conference has the theme of ‘Making New Knowledge’ this year, but otherwise has quite a broad range with a very wide ranging list of topics – including but not limited to:

Aesthetics; Affective Computing; Animation Techniques; Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality; Avatars and Autonomous Characters; Children-Computer Interaction; Cultural Computing; Cultural Differences and Game Design; Digital Broadcasting/Podcasting; Educational and Fitness Games; Emerging World Entertainment Creation; Entertainment Design Theory; Ethics and Games; Exertion Games; Interaction and Experience Design; Funology; Game Design, Programming and Production; Human-Robot Interaction; Interactive Art; Location-Based Entertainment; Mobile and Ubiquitous Entertainment; Museum and Cultural Heritage Applications; Interactive Storytelling; Persuasive Entertainment; Pervasive and Online Games; Serious Games for Cultural Awareness; Smart Gadgets and Toys; Social Impact; Sound and Music Design; Tangible Interfaces; Tinkering and Tinker-based Learning; Urban Games; Usability and Playability; User-Centred Design; Visual Arts; Youth Usage of Entertainment

More details here. Deadline is June 12th.

The following week, SLACTIONS will run as a hyrbrid online/physical conference taking place at a range of (unconfirmed) locations around the world as well as in a range of (unconfirmed) virtual world locations. Slactions is also running a workshop as part of VS-GAMES in September. While the submission deadline for VS-GAMES has already passed, the Slactions workshop deadline will be on June 13th. The deadline for submissions to Slactions itself is June 30th, giving a little more time to prepare for this.

Slactions also has a Machinima festival, and you can find more details here.

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