Festival of Dangerous Ideas

I’m not sure how many dangerous ideas there will be (some?), but the Festival of Dangerous Ideas will be taking place around Scotland in June.

From the Festival web-site:

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas aims to re-establish the importance of dangerous ideas as agents of change in education – to shift the axis of what is possible!

It is for everyone who is passionate about education including college, university, school staff and students as well as those engaged in education throughout the creative communities.

The programme for the week long event is pretty varied – touching on teacher education, philosophy and a five day walking event taking place along the West Highland Way.

Towards the end of the week, there is an event titled Learning Through Gaming, at Dundee College on 20th June. Speakers for this include Derek Robertson, David Renton, Chris van der Kuyl. And me… When first contacted about this I was told that the theme was gamification, something that I have distinctly mixed feelings towards – which is perhaps a good reason to talk about it :-)

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