Still considering applying to University? It’s not too late… depending on where you live

Recently I discussed the incredibly strange math that has emerged as a result of devolution and increased student fees. There has apparently been a dip in applications in England as a result – a dip not matched in Scotland where there currently are no fees (for Scottish students at least.)

But for anyone who hasn’t had a place confirmed yet, and also for folk who haven’t yet applied but would like to attend university after all, we are now into the late-application period known as ‘clearing’. From perusing a small number of university websites I can confirm that there are plenty of places on a wide range of courses in Scotland still available. As long as you aren’t Scottish, that is.

If you are Scottish, there are a few places left on a small number of courses here and there – my own institution has a clearing website at – but your best bet may be to apply elsewhere. Although then there will be the small matter of £9,000 in annual fees to attend to…

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