Browsing Jorum – is it any better?

Almost exactly two years ago, I wrote about how awful an experience it was browsing Jorum to find useful Open Education Resources. When I’ve met Jorum folk at conferences they have agreed that improving this experience is a priority.

So how have things changed?

Browsing Jorum

… erm not great.

What you see is the 10 or so of the items deposited for a Real-Time Embedded Systems course, that received a grant a few years ago to create an OER resource and to share it with the world. Which they did. But they completely failed to give resources suitably descriptive names or make effective use of metadata (or perhaps Jorum simply isn’t showing the useful data it is holding somewhere). I can’t tell whether any resource is going to be a video or audio recording, a set of PowerPoints for a lecture, a lab exercise, a problem sheet or whatever. In many cases I can’t even tell what the actual topic is!

And I still can’t search resources by type – which would be incredibly useful. Until this improves, I’ll be sticking to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons for most of my OER needs, with OER Commons in second place – Jorum could do well to copy how OER Commons lets me filter results by a wide range of criteria.

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