Virtual World Watch #10

John Kirriemuir is starting work (after a break) on Virtual World Watch snapshot #10.

This time round the snapshot will cover Ireland as well as the UK. The main body of the snapshot will be based on self-reported activity, so get working on your submissions and send them to John before the November 14th deadline.

More info here. Prize for the wittiest contribution, apparently.

One thought on “Virtual World Watch #10

  1. John Kirriemuir

    Thanks. A very mixed bag of contributions so far. Am still waiting for one that’s suitably witty so I can offload these books onto them :)

    Taking contributions for the next few weeks that will definitely go in the snapshot. After that, ones that come in may make it into the snapshot if there’s time.

    Lengthy or detailed ones, especially with a screenshot, can also go on the website as a blog entry.


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