CAL 2011 – Learning Futures

The CAL Conference 2011

Learning Futures: Education, Technology & Sustainability

April 13-15 2011, Manchester, UK

CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) is one of the leading international conferences in the field of education and technology. It brings together researchers across all education sectors, from primary years, to informal learning, to higher education, and across a range of disciplines from psychology to computer science, media and cultural studies.

In 2011, the conference will lead a challenging international debate about the future of research and practice in educational technology. CAL 11 aims to:

  • Explore the role of educational technology research in addressing questions of global and social justice, widening participation and digital democracy
  • Assess what role educational technology might play in the context of low carbon, energy constrained futures
  • Explore how emerging technologies from diverse fields (e.g. gaming, AI, biotech, ubiquitous computing) might offer new environments for learning
  • Examine the informal learning practices emerging in children, youth and adults’ digital cultures and their implications for education
  • Reflect on what lessons have been learned over the last thirty years of education technology research, and what these might mean for the future of research in the field.
Our four themes for the conference are:

Theme 1: Sustainability, globalisation and social justice
Theme 2: The future of learning technologies
Theme 3: Informal learning and digital cultures
Theme 4: Looking back to look forward


Conference format

Within the main conference individual paper sessions, workshops and symposia are organised around the four themes. An informal fringe activity is run by the local organising committee to give a chance for participants to showcase and experiment with emerging technologies. If researchers wish to informally ‘demo’ innovative learning resources during the conference, please contact the conference chairs to discuss this possibility.

The CAL Conference 2011 is organised by Elsevier Ltd, publishers of the international journal Computers & Education.

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