Survey: Mobile devices in Higher Education

I’m forwarding this on behalf of one of my research students, Hanno. He’s looking for folk to take a survey he’s posted online as part of his research, see message below:

Dear all

(apologies for crossposting)

It would be a great help if you could fill in this survey and pass it on to your students / colleagues:

I am involved in a study into the use and potential of mobile devices in higher education, specifically into the use of games and games based learning. The above linked survey is conducted (in the same setting and with the equivalent questions) in the UK, Belgium, Germany and possibly other European countries as well as at universities in the US.

One of the main aims is to investigate the potential of mobile devices to integrate special needs students better into courses by enabling alternative means to access /deliver materials and or to participate.

I have just filled in the survey myself and it does really take less than 10 minutes. If you could find the time to give your opinion and response it would help a great deal. If you want you will be emaile the outcomes and findings of this study, if you are interested you can also get access to the (raw data) results once the survey is finished.

Again, apologies if this is of no interest to you and thank you for considering it.


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