Wonderland becomes… Open Wonderland

Email today… reproduced almost in full below. Wonderland is Dead! Long Live Open Wonderland!

Or something like that…

St. Paul, Minnesota, March 10, 2010 – Today Ken Miller, the CEO of Virtual Learning Labs, announced the formation of the Open Wonderland Foundation and the creation of the Open Wonderland virtual world platform. The Open Wonderland platform is a “fork” of the Project Wonderland toolkit originally developed by Sun Microsystems Laboratories. Miller, who will serve as the Foundation’s first President and Chairman of the Board, explains that the non-profit Open Wonderland Foundation will provide direction and governance for Open Wonderland (http://OpenWonderland.org), a free and open source platform for creating 3D virtual worlds for education, business, and government applications. (Read the Official Press Release in full).

The Sun Immersion Special Interest Group will cease to exist as a research community at Sun and encourages all members to join the new OpenWonderland Foundation’s community spaces on the OWF Homepage and on Facebook. Thanks to everyone for your interest in being a part of this transformative new open technology for 3D education and we look forward to seeing you in the new home for Wonderland’s exciting future ahead !

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  1. Daniel Post author

    Best of luck with the new Open Wonderland, Nicole – I’ve updated the link in the main post.


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