The Obligitary Wave Post – with added AR

I’ve been spending a little time with Google Wave over the last week or so – nothing much, just very light puttering about. I think there are issues about persistance, vulnerability of public waves to vandalism (much more fragile than Wiki), and a general messiness as folk try and figure out how to actually use Wave productively. Basically I haven’t got very far with it.

Meanwhile, other folks are already thinking about how to use Google Wave as the underlying protocol and communications architecture for… stuff. Prime example: AR Wave – building a distributed Augmented Reality system ontop of Wave. (In following this, I also discovered that it is possible to embed a view of a Wave in a web-page – as here.)

If you have Google Wave access, you can hopefully join the wave here (hope the link works!)

3 thoughts on “The Obligitary Wave Post – with added AR

  1. Mark Essel

    It’s fun exploring the “undiscovered country” of an emerging/dynamic web protocol Daniel. Glad you enjoyed the page. I carefully think over what to share/embed/talk about, but it turns out the greatest value of the information we share is probably not known to us at it’s inception.

    I’m loving the collaborative creation/curation of wave but I’d prefer faster loading speeds. It’s a little sluggish.


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