Scottish Learning Festival '09

First post from this year’s Scottish Learning Festival. I made it to two talks so far – Derek Robertson’s presentation of Canvas – the OpenSim based 3D online art gallery for Scottish schools, and Ollie Bray’s more general one on game based learning. More on that later.

From the expo floor there is the usual mix of computer, smart board, educational play, books, software, etc etc vendors. What caught my eye the most was the connectED stand. For a few years now, connectED have been providing Sony PSP hardware, software and training specifically for the education sector – but it was not that that caught my attention.

They are currently working on a system called Second Sight – this is an augmented reality authoring toolkit for teachers. This was demoed on PSP, but education director Andy Goff assures me that a Nokia version is very well advanced with iPhone also in the works.

connectED's Second Sight

In the PSP screen you can see the AR dinosaur overlaid ontop of the camera view

connectED are apparently already working with English Heritage on using this on some EH sites, and have a number of collaborations active for rolling this out. Final product ready in about six months, but already the authoring environment seems very straightforward – allowing markers to be inserted into books, into displays or into the environment to add AR audio, video and 3D content.

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