Metaplace revisited

Metaplace has been making good progress in the last few months – particularly in some of the ‘softer’ issues. When first logging into MetaPlace Central there is a simple tutorial. The wiki support is much improved. There are regular inworld classes hosted by some of the more experienced and expert residents. I think I detect the hand of Robin Harper (ex-Linden Lab, currently a consultant to Metaplace) in these developments.

Another major change is that now MP is in Open Beta (anyone can sign up), you can now embed MP worlds in other webpages. First thing I did was embed the world I built for UWS onto my Moodle site:

UWS Metaplace campus in a Moodle Frontpage

UWS Metaplace campus in a Moodle Frontpage

If you previously visited MP and considered it too limited or lightweight, do take time to return and see some of the recent creations – users like Dalian (whose name I also recognise from Second Life) are now starting to push the level of what can be done in MP.

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