Introducing the UWS Metacampus

I’ve been quietly exploring Metaplace as time allows over the past few weeks – its not so much a virtual world as a web-based platform for building your virtual worlds, quickly and easily (though you can also put a lot more work in customising and developing your unique vision!). Tales from my first class to run in Metaplace below…

The client is flash based, and runs in your browser – Firefox recommended. Small, simple, fun, extensible and extendable are the order of the day – default ‘toon like avatars, Lua scripting and the ability to build worlds, games, mini-games and more from scratch.

Raph Koster on UWSMetaCampus

Raph Koster on UWSMetaCampus

Today I took a group of students into Metaplace – and had a lot of unexpected visitors, most notably Raph Koster who took time out to talk to the students about Metaplace – origins, ideas, technology and more. That was invaluable – I could not have hoped for better.

Then after a screen break I returned to find the students had quickly figured out how to modify my world (I’d given them permissions) and were busily adding their own content. Before too long we had 80′s music on streaming audio and the centre of the grassy glade replaced with a dance floor.

Where did that dance floor come from?

Where did that dance floor come from?

I have no idea what the campus will look like this time next week…

In the words of the students:

S: its well good
X: metaplace = WIN
X: thats my thoughts
S: yeah i second that

S: not bad simple though
X: yeah, its fun simple
X: u dont have to spend ages doing tutorials or stuff
L: I like this – how did you get the music???

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