Education 2.0? Designing the web for teaching and learning

Teaching and Learning Research Programme – Technology Enhanced Learning (TLRP-TEL) has released a new commentary on Education 2.0 – Education 2.0? Designing the web for teaching and learning.

Note is made that much of the previous commentary on Web 2.0′s impact on education is highly speculative. To redress this, the Education 2.0 commentary

… sets out to challenge the confident portrayal of web 2.0 by many educationalists in terms of an imminent transformation of learning and teaching. Careful thought has therefore been given to how technologists, educators and learners can best shape the fast-changing internet in the near future. It aims to explore how education can change the web, as well as how the web can change education.

Within the commentary (which gives an overview of Web 2.o, and looks at learning and social networking) Diane Carr of the London Knowledge Lab does an excellent job of summarising activity ongoing in virtual worlds in just four pages and points to areas where further research is required.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that a communication I’d sent Diane too late for a previous report had made it in to this report – and a mention of SLOODLE.

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