Roo Reynolds @ ReLIVE08

I spent most of the two days carrying around a Flip video camera, but was too busy or distracted to use it. Come the banquet, I was foiled by the rather loud band. In the end, I found myself waiting for a taxi at the conference hotel at the very end with Roo Reynolds – Portfolio Executive for Social Media at BBC Vision. So I took the opportunity to ask Roo about where he sees virtual worlds fitting in with his Social Media portfolio:

You can see Roo’s thoughts on ReLIVE, and links to his keynote presentation, here.

EDIT: Sorry about the noise in the background, I was going to provide a transcript eventually… but Roo beat me to it. See comments!

One thought on “Roo Reynolds @ ReLIVE08

  1. Roo Reynolds

    Great to bump into you in the lobby, and thanks for sharing this. I really want one of those cameras now. In return for your questions, let me have a shot at providing a transcript…

    Daniel: I’m here at Milton Keynes Hilton with Roo Reynolds who has the social media portfolio [for BBC Vision] at the BBC. Just one question. Roo, where do you see virtual worlds fitting in with social media?

    Roo: it’s a good question. I think the idea of virtual worlds as social media is pretty obvious. It makes a lot of sense. If we think of social media only as web based – blogs, message boards and comments – then we’re really underselling it. I think social media certainly encompasses not just virtual worlds but also games; playful things where we hang out together, build relationships and get to know each other. So I think there’s a place in the world for companies like mine, and others as well, to explore how we can provide social spaces for people to hang out around content and around ideas; stuff that they’re going to have a common interest in. … As to what we’ll do or what’s coming down the track: very hard to tell, but obviously some really good technology choices to make and some really good stuff to chose from. Really, we should only be limited by our own creativity and our own ideas. Technology isn’t actually the critical factor here, it’s whatever we want to make. Feel to me like it’s a pretty exciting space because literally anything is possible. It’s a fun area to be working in.


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