And the winner is…

NAPPA, the American National Parenting Publications Awards, have announced their 2008 award winners in a range of categories. One category covers computer games and web-sites. Winners this year include a number of virtual worlds: Club Penguin; Moshi Monsters (which Derek Robertson introduced me to) and Whyville amongst them. Other winners include the likes of BoomBlox – an explosive form of Jenga for the Wii – and ArtRage which is a nice little digital paint application that uses a range of effects to bring computer illustration much closer to traditional paints and pastels.

Full set of category winners here.

One thought on “And the winner is…

  1. Michael Acton Smith

    Hey Daniel

    The Moshi Monsters team were delighted to win that award – thanks for the mention.

    Excellent blog btw – I’m adding it to my RSS! It’s always great to connect with others who are passionate about game based learning.


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