Virtual Communities and eDemocracy – Call for Papers

The following strand at the 3rd International Conference on e-Democracy (Next Generation Society: Technological and Legal Issues), taking place 23 – 25 September 2009, Athens, Greece might be of interest to some readers of this blog:

Virtual Communities

Across the developed world, in increasing numbers, people now commonly spend large portions of their work and social lives online engaging in virtual communities.From discussing popular culture in web-based forums to building virtual utopias and dystopias in 3D virtual worlds; from using email and web technologies to plan inter-galactic corporate warfare in ‘EVE Online’ to supporting workplace communities of practice with content management systems and social networking applications, internet users today now often find themselves members of multiple, overlapping, virtual communities. For many, virtual communities are as much – or more – a part of the fabric of their daily lives as are their physical neighbours and local communities.In this session we welcome contributions to our understanding of virtual communities, their workings and impact on individuals and on local, national and international societies.

Other strands include one dedicated to social networking and one on education. Keynotes include one Andrew Tanenbaum – a name familiar to many a computer scientist!

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