quizHUD – Exploration and Assessment in Second Life

A delayed post this…

Last week we released the Sloodle quizHUD for use in Second Life. This is a Second Life user interface ‘HUD’ extension which allows students to explore a 3D environment and participate in assessment (formative or summative) in that environment. There are some obvious similarities with the some of the tools created for the PREVIEW project (see previous post), and some significant differences. More details below…

The HUD has two modes of operation: Explore and Quiz.

In explore mode, clicking on objects in the environment results in pages of information being displayed on the student’s interface. Descriptive text can be combined with images in these pages.

In quiz mode, questions appear in the interface window. These can be multiple choice (either requiring knowledge gained from prior exploration or which may be answered by looking at visible clues in the environment). Other questions might require students click on objects in the 3D environment to answer.

Pages and questions are authored using a web-based authoring system, and quiz responses are kept online. Tutors can opt whether to allow multiple attempts at the quiz, or single attempt only.

The quizHUD is currently a stand-alone tool and authoring system, but our intention is to integrate this into the main body of the Sloodle project, and integrate the quiz system with Moodle.

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