Alan Kay at TED

If I hadn’t fallen behind again on my RSS feeds, I might have had this last week… but I just realised that TED happened again this year – a few weeks ago, and now the videos are all online. It’s easily possible to spend a day just watching the TED videos – and I can guarantee that it wont be a day wasted, with so many fantastic thinkers and do-ers gathered together and sharing their ideas. Homepage for this year’s event is here.

Meanwhile, I’ve finally caught up with Alan Kay’s presentation from last year!.

The presentation includes some brilliant demonstrations – and quite possibly should be required viewing for everyone involved in education… with simple demonstrations which show that its quite achievable to get 6 year old children to manage to work with differential equations! (Though perhaps without the jargon)

His talk features children’s use of simulation for experiments (with e-toys) and also touches on the OLPC laptop.

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