Before, beyond (and somewhere to the left of) Second Life

UPDATE: If you log in on the 18th at 11am GMT you should be able to join my (hopefully) live Google presentation by clicking THIS LINK. (Should allow you to ask questions using the chat interface!)

Later today (after I get some sleep!) I’ll be attending the Massively Multi Learner workshop at Anglia-Ruskin University.

I’ll be uploading my presentation in as many formats as possible to this post – and you may also be able to catch the live presentation online if you follow the instructions here.

You can also click through the URLs of most of the projects/technologies mentioned using this Feedshow link: Before, Beyond and Beside SL (Feedshow).

Google Docs version of presentation.

Slideshare version (I had to make some edits, some elements appeared to get lost in upload/conversion):

3 thoughts on “Before, beyond (and somewhere to the left of) Second Life

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  2. Daniel Livingstone

    Thanks Tony – the feedshow is there as an alternative way to access the presentation – a chat area on the show would be killer :-)

    Had to change a couple of the links I used to accomodate web-sites that want to remove frames, but went fairly smoothly (is there a button or option to force the feedshow to refresh the RSS feed? Making minor changes seemed to result in a show that continued to use the ‘old’ feed… got round that by changing the tag! Not sure if it was a cache issue or what though)


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