How real are virtual worlds?

I’ve posted my lecture from today onto Slideshare – the topic was ‘How real are virtual worlds’? The obvious answer is that they aren’t real in the slightest, except of course that they touch heavily on real lives. (This is by no means a new observation of course… I mention a few books which you could refer to for more depth in the short short slideshow)

It’s also available at GoogleDocs here (where the links work) , though I hope to add audio to SlideShare soon.

One major theme of the lecture was to highlight that real life entering virtual worlds is really just an extension of the way that the internet has entered real life. Much as we can trade, chat or even meet loved ones on the internet, so the same can happen in 3D virtual worlds – despite some media coverage its less of a new phenomenon than it may seem (at least in some of the ways in which it affects the lives of those who use it). Internet addiction and cybersex were features of news reports years before World of Warcraft or Second Life…

7 thoughts on “How real are virtual worlds?

  1. Tony Hirst

    “Seems only fair Tony as I’ll be using your web 2.0 mashup feedshow for my lecture next week…”

    are you using the latest version?

    Let me know how you get on – whether there are any things that donlt quite work/that would make it more useful/useable.

    Also – what should i prioritise when i next have chance to play – here’s the current todo list:

    3) Explore possibility of audience sharing links back to master
    4) consider wholesale move to ning
    5) Add a ‘bookmark this show’ link to the splash screen
    7) RSS helper: delicious/h20 playlist etc – create rss url on the fly from page url
    8) RSS helper – autodiscovery and offer option to use of what feed to use?
    9a) Page info – maybe splash the description passed via POST…
    10) Offer a “bookmark this show” option on page info page, or splash page?
    10) Master option to show url and/or description before/after/not at all each page
    11) OPML feeds – folder names as text ‘slides’? Support links and/or feeds?
    12) Duplex option – to get started, first user loads pwd into statex, then other users synch the password
    13) Standalone player for e.g. H20 playlists – no splash screen, no client, just the master
    14) ??Is the code for h20 playlist open – if so, do an integrated version?
    15) Integration with IM or video chat?
    19) Add link from “Feed Presenter” title to app URL (no decoration)
    21) Add a “tweetlinks” option to send current link to twitter??


  2. Daniel Livingstone

    Hi Tony, I will get back to you on this!
    I’m not sure what your thinking is for (4) – and I have to say I’m not a huge Ning fan. I find it a little annoying visually and advertorially…

    I also found that from the Splash page, going to next slide seemed to skip the first URL in the feed… so on Splash page to see the first ‘page’ in the presentation I had to press ‘current’ instead which was a little counter-intuitive.

    Should be using it tomorrow though as one of the ways of presenting my stuff – though found one of my URLs breaks out of the frames setup :-(


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