Physics Phun

Phun looks amazing – a 2D physics sandbox game from the Umeå VR Lab. I can imagine just giving this to students to play around with or to integrate into a class – asking students to conduct (design as well?) experiments and share results. A bit reminiscent of Crayon Physics (which I was sure I’d blogged, but it looks like I forgot to!), but with more control over the physics and without the game goals.

Check out the Phun and Crayon Physics Deluxe videos below… then go download ‘em and try ‘em out!


Crayon Physics Deluxe (A better, not yet available, version of Crayon Physics!):

4 thoughts on “Physics Phun

  1. Liam

    That looks very phun and educational – the youtube has the link to the mp3 backinng track, which I have downloaded. Though does it explain the causes and effects of physics and physical actions and reactions? because the question is, what does the student learn from these activities?

  2. Daniel Livingstone

    No Liam, it does not explain the physics – I don’t see either of these as a teacher replacement.

    I can imagine creating a set of lab sheets and experiments and exercises for Phun – the simulation appears to be sufficiently detailed and accurate to use it for that purpose.

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