The ____ Generation

For a moment lets not wonder whether digital native is an appropriate term for today’s youth (or even today’s under 36′s if we go by the cut-off originally proposed by Prensky). Instead, whatever they are, can we find an alternative suitable name for the new generation of youth? Take your pick, the following are all ones I’ve found in literature or popular press in recent days, weeks and months. Sometimes I see several of these in the one day!

The ____ Generation. Insert one of:

Google, iPod, Gamer, MySpace, Nintendo, Now, N, Net, Multi-tasking, Benefits, Facebook.

To help you choose I undertook a *highly* scientific survey of popularity of each. I googled each term, and have ranked them below. Try and order them before you see the results – how many did you get right?

  • iPod Generation. Hits: 333,000 for “ipod generation”. Confusingly, as well as “iPod Generation”, this also includes hits for the “IPOD Generation”, where IPOD means Insecure, Pressurized, Over-taxed and Debt-ridden. Plus some hits referring to different generations of iPods themselves. Mostly the first though.
  • Net Generation. Hits: 203,000 for “net generation”. “Net Generation” on this blog!
  • MySpace Generation. Hits: 85,700 for “myspace generation”.
  • Google Generation. Hits on Google: 81,500 for “google generation”. “Google Generation” on this blog!
  • Now Generation. Hits: 81,500 for “now generation”.
  • N Generation. Hits: 80,900 for “n generation”. (Note: compared to other searches, a large proportion of these hits appear to be out of context. E.g. the ‘n’ generation of Nokia phones – a set of models of mobile phone, rather than a generation of youth.)
  • Nintendo Generation. Hits: 27,200 for “nintendo generation”. On this blog!
  • Gamer Generation. Hits: 23,400 for “gamer generation”. On this blog!
  • Facebook Generation. Hits: 22,900 for “facebook generation”.
  • Multi-tasking Generation. Hits: 3,430 for “multitasking generation”.
  • Benefits Generation. Hits: 2,030 for “benefits generation”. OK, a British one this – as seen on the cover of the Daily Mail the other day. By the same journo who coined the term ‘Sick Note Generation’ a few days earlier.

4 thoughts on “The ____ Generation

  1. Daniel Livingstone

    I deliberately left out Gen X and Gen Y, though perhaps I should have left them in.

    Interestingly, I had somewhere on my shelves a Penguin book from the 60′s describing the teenagers of then as ‘Generation X’.
    Millenial Generation is a good one!

    Playstation Generation: 26,700 hits
    XBox Generation: 11,000 hits

    Re: Calling “this” generation either of the two above – is there a particular age group in mind? At the current moment in time, Nintendo platforms appear to be significantly more popular with children than either.

  2. andystew

    Very interesting post! The one thing that sticks out for me is not what software (google, myspace,facebook, SL) or technology (mobile, laptops, iTouch) we use but the fact that we are indeed a “connected generation” (13,900). Mainly brought about thanks to the vast inmprovements in wireless/mobile/wimax networks.

    I’d definitely have to agree with you on the nintendo front i.e. currently more popular – perhaps “wii generation” is more fitting with regards to more recent times (18,000).


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