British government tells British industry 'take jobs abroad'

Today I had hoped to attend ECGBL 2007 in Paisley, just up the road from my office. Matters conspired to prevent that. I also hoped to complete the coverage of MoodleMoot  – there was some great content on the second day, and some good chats too. But no time for that just now.

Instead, as an aside, just about time to note that the UK government’s attitude to the games industry appears to be as ambivalent as ever.  During a panel discussion at the London Games Week, government minister Margaret Hodge told David Braben to “take your studio to Canada, then”. Even with her assertion that he’d be back in a few years, this seems a very odd statement for a government minister.

(David was the co-author of Elite back in the day… the first and, to-date, only game that had me rushing out to get it as soon as it became available.)

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