Tech Savvy?

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Barbara Combes has written an article based on her research outlining how comfort with technology does not imply competency. Her PhD focussed on information seeking behaviours of the ‘Net Generation’, and her findings are well aligned with many of the past discussions and notes on this blog about Digital Natives…

She comments that the typical description of the Net Generation youth are that they

not only use echnology with impunity, but know how to use it effectively and efficiently to find the information they require


they are independent learners who have the ability to question and confront information (Oblinger & Oblinger 2005)

Basically, the same as the Digital Native. In my next post I’ll hopefully find space to set out how I see the term Net Generation, and the different connotations I attach to the term versus those attached to Digital Native. Meanwhile…

Barbara’s review highlights many deficiencies in the ICT skills of young people found in a number of studies, e.g.:

‘many students lack the critical thinking skills to perform the kinds of inf ormation management and research tasks necessary for academic success’ (Bogan 2006). While many students had difficulty completing research tasks, those who were successful them had difficulty interpreting and using the information they had found.

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  1. thand

    Yes Daniel-critical distinction here between the geners and natives. A ‘nuance’ usually not picked up but I see the two terms too often used synonomously. Look foward to future postings.


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