Blended Learning part 1.5.5…

Still not the next ‘proper’ post… but just to say that I’ve uploaded my slides from last weeks conference onto Slideshare, here.

You can also see my presentation as recorded in Elluminate here… my presentation starts about an hour in. With the mic on the desk rather than being worn, the audio is a bit patchy. I was not bowled over by the quality of Elluminate play back – or its access speed – so interested to hear any second opinions.

Also of interest… the introduction and keynote session.

One thought on “Blended Learning part 1.5.5…

  1. William Florance

    Full disclosure: I represent Elluminate, Inc.

    Thank you for sharing your recording!

    I watched the recording and I agree, the audio wasn’t clear. There were a couple of reasons for this:
    - we were using an external microphone that was placed on the desk into front of you and it was a fair distance from you
    - the microphone was also picking up the other sounds in the room.

    As we reviewed the recordings, there are several things that we could have done to improve the audio:
    - asked the presenter to wear a wireless microphone
    - in larger conference rooms, we usually connect right into the house sound system

    We hope to improve this for future sessions. To get a better experience of the excellent quality of Elluminate’s audio, please feel free to review any of our recorded events fro


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