eLearn – Two articles

Current issue of eLearn, the ACM electronic e-learning magazine, has two Second Life related articles.

Jay Cross (and co-authors) have a nice article on Virtual Worlds as Tools for Learning. They rightfully emphasise trying to find news ways of supporting learning rather than simply attempting to recreate existing methods in virtual worlds:

The bonanza comes when VWs support learning in ways that current methods cannot, i.e. when the horseless carriage becomes the car and the icebox becomes a refrigerator. At the end of the day, VWs afford more freedom as we think about how to apply it to make learning more engaging and memorable. Much more than training, VWs are what we like to call a Learnscape. They are learning/working ecosystems…

The other article is my own review of last year’s Second Life Education Workshop. Somehow, I got ‘top story’ billing for this – that may be due to being the most recently added story though!

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