Enraged and Engaged redux

I can’t believe I missed this debate on Prenky’s “Engage me or Enrage me” till now. Here on Dennis Fermoyle’s blog and here on Chris Lehmann’s. Both are good reads. Found these via another page of discussion here on Scott McLeod’s blog, which I think I might re-visit later…

One interesting thing, reading the comments especially, is the degree to which people interpret Prensky’s writings in different ways. This is I guess something that has come up here before – is Prensky merely describing how students have changed (and how accurate is his description?) or is he celebrating it?

Anyway, the discussions include a number interesting anecdotal examples and stories, so worth reading through.

4 thoughts on “Enraged and Engaged redux

  1. Daniel Livingstone

    You’re welcome Tony, interested to see what you think of the discussion too…

    And thanks for that link Scott…

    I *still* have yet to find the time to give Gee’s book the reading it deserves. I started this blog as a place to keep track of my comments and opinions as I caught up on GBL literature – starting with some of Prensky’s papers. It has spread out a little since then admittedly. My general opinion that GBL is often over-sold remains as strong as ever though.

    I’ll definately read your pdf… and I’ll definately comment!

  2. sylvia martinez

    Hi Daniel,
    I think you are right about GBL being over-sold. I think it’s just about avoiding the hard work of teaching and learning. There is always something to distract us – games! no, Second Life! no, wait, blogs will fix everything! Hey, look over here – a new shiny object called Web 2.0!

    It takes a lot of discipline to not get carried away and keep focus on what’s really important.


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