Diet and exercise for improved educational attainment

I wrote previously on now the diet that todays children eat might be affecting their success at school. I wrote before that Prensky was simply wrong to dismiss ADD as a real problem, and wrong to suggest that games should necessarily be the tool to engage students with school. Now a new report backs up that opinion.

Working with special needs students in London, a healthy eating and exercise regime was established. The results were dramatic:

 After seven months, teachers saw a drop in restlessness, anxiety, aches and pains – and better concentration.
The study suggests there is a clear link between nutrition and learning.

Head teacher Celia Dawson said the impact of the Food for the Brain project was “significant in a variety of ways”.
Some children are calmer and less active, therefore they are accessing the learning opportunities provided by our excellent staff,” she said.
“The consequence of this has been improvements in writing, communication, together with improved mood and social behaviour.”

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