Call for research proposals… IN Second Life

Lots of call for conference papers and research proposals to publish. Meanwhile, what a difference six months makes. I’ve recently had two research proposals based round exploring Second Life as an educational tool rejected. One reviewer at least clearly had problems appreciating what on earth Second Life is.

Now comes this call for research proposals from Eduserve. And what do I find? Not only does it make explicit mention of Second Life, but you can even submit your application INSIDE Second Life!


3 thoughts on “Call for research proposals… IN Second Life

  1. silversprite

    Hello from the Outer Hebrides :-)

    Sorry to hear about your SL proposal problems. I would have thought that there were enough users of SL nowadays, within academic circles, in order for proposal assessment boards to find someone practically familiar with the system.

    Reminds me of when I had a proposal for video games in education critical evaluation rejected. Accidentally was sent one reviewers comments which read: “Never played games, never will play games. Reject.”.

    John Kirriemuir / Silversprite

  2. Daniel Livingstone

    Hi John,

    Ouch! That was some review!

    Eight months makes a big difference… now when I mention Second Life I get instant recognition – and sometimes a very positive and warm instant response. Very different from the last round of funding bids.

    and happy new year!


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